Stop overthinking everything and find more joy

Stop overthinking everything and find more joy

The January gym rush has been and gone and I think we can all agree we are taking positive steps towards our new year goals. For many of us, making those first baby steps outside of our comfort zone can be the hardest. When we were children, life was so fun and fresh. This is because the fear of failure never crossed our minds. Instead, we dive straight into adventure. We just didn’t think about success and failure in the same way we do now.

I have always been an advocate of passion and creativity. I encourage myself to keep my mind open to new challenges and never be blinkered from putting pen to paper for planning what’s next for me. Success in life varies from person to person, there is no right or wrong! It’s a common occurrence that the moment we start to overthink, we get into a state of mind where we self-destruct. However small or large the challenge is, you just become lost in wondering what really makes you happy.

I believe in making changes, finding joy again, and most importantly, finding confidence within yourself. In this blog, I would like to share three habits that have helped me throughout my career to stay motivated, think smarter, and live a happier and less fearful life.

Take a breath … Put things into a wider perspective.

It’s a slippery slope when you start overthinking the minor, pettier things in life. Widen your perspective and think, will this short or long term really matter? If the answer is no, then make your reaction simpler, snap out of overthinking, and instead help yourself handle the situation better, instead of hurting yourself.

Think of it like this, focus your time and energy on something that actually matters to you, instead of scenarios that don’t.

Get a good start to the day.

I know it's cliche. But trust me, the proof is in the pudding. Where many of us go wrong, is we ‘think’ we’re going to have a good day, like it's a miracle meant to be. That’s the problem. Replace thinking with ‘action’. Set the tone with action after waking up to start your morning happy:

1. Drink a glass of water - the simplest of the to-do’s. This action kick starts your metabolism flushing any toxins and hydrating your body.
2. Stretch your body - wake those muscles up, get the blood flowing, and send signals to your body to get ready for the day ahead.
3. Turn on your morning playlist - it's as simple as this, pick a selection of your favourite songs, and get your spirits up. You’ll be surprised that doing this will leave you calm and relaxed for the day.
4. Look your best - you’re not going on a date, nor is it a special occasion. However make the best of what you have, add small additions to your self routine. I promise you will begin to feel confident and this will show throughout the day.
5. Eat something! - Eat, light, fresh and be kind to your body giving it all the nutrients you need for a successful day. Avoid at all costs, food that leaves you feeling sluggish. It’s a real mood burner.

Don’t wait for action … become a person of action.

The hardest part about taking action is, unfortunately, the procrastination. It takes 66 days to train your body into a new routine. Rubbish right? We all wish it was just an overnight thing! Sadly, those are the facts, so start training your body now to take action, then the results will be noticeable sooner!

Start by setting deadlines. This will help train your mind and body into developing a routine. Steer clear from big goals for the moment while you start. Take small steps forward in the right direction, focussing on getting one step complete at a time. This will help develop a habit and this technique has always worked for me.

Be aware that this won’t be easy. Try to remind yourself throughout the day and begin to accept the challenge. But most importantly, don’t overthink!


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