Small Goals Big Difference

I don’t know about you all, but I have to say that life feels a bit strange at the moment. Following the incredible vaccine rollout and the end of restrictions last month it seems that life might be starting to return to some kind of normality for lots of us. However, Covid certainly hasn’t gone away and therefore we are all starting to get used to what the new normal looks like.  I have been trying to use August and hopefully whatever good weather we have to recharge my batteries, both mentally and physically before Autumn begins. As a mother of three (almost all grown up!) boys, September always feels like the real start of the year and so August feels like a time to regroup and think about setting new goals.  


I often talk about the importance of goal setting and why I believe it can really help you achieve your dreams. But before you can set your goals it’s worth considering what you want to achieve and why. The last 18 months of lockdowns have had us all reassessing our lives. I know many of us have enjoyed stepping back from busy social lives to focus more on family time, whilst others have really appreciated working from home and the extra time that’s afforded us in our day to day lives. Of course it’s not as simple as that for everyone, many people have had to move homes or jobs, have been separated from family, or have had to deal with the impact of sickness and losing a loved one. So if like me you are lucky enough to be able to take some time out this month, I highly recommend having a think about any changes you want to implement that will improve your work/life balance and decide what goals you want to set to help make that happen. But remember these don’t have to be big goals. As I always say, small changes make a big difference, and are definitely easier to stick too. I would love to hear what your goals for Autumn are so why not join me in September to share your goals for Autumn #smallgoalsbigdifference and I will share mine too.


I can’t finish this month’s blog without saying a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Team GB for their extraordinary accomplishments at the Tokyo Olympics. Despite everything they have had to go through to get to Japan the team have done an incredible job and equalled the amount of medals won at London 2012! Of course because of my history I love watching the athletics, however, this year I was bowled over by the incredible talents of the BMX and mountain bike riders, as well as the skate boarding team and the mixed triathlon. It was so exciting to watch all these new sports come through alongside the more traditional track and field events. I hope that including these sports will inspire young athletes to try a new sport, whether that’s picking up a skateboard or heading down to their local athletics track to see how fast they can run.    

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