Optimise Your Age

Since reaching our 50’s it’s become more apparent to my husband Jon and I that we have reached a time in our life where we need to really think about how we look after ourselves, both physically and mentally. Whilst we certainly don’t think of ourselves as old, because of our practical knowledge of how the human body ages through our separate careers, we understand the importance of adapting our behaviour as we age, to get the best out of our minds and bodies. So for this reason we are excited to tell you about our new project (coming soon) that will look at the different ways that you can OPTIMISE YOUR AGE.

We all know that living a healthy lifestyle can enhance your health-age and extend your life, but there are so many options out there, so we want to help you guys find the best ways. Each month Jon and I will be looking at different topics, like exercise, what we eat and wellbeing, as well as busting myths, reviewing new and existing products and sharing interesting research we think will help you. We will also be launching longer term projects that we hope will inspire you all. We want to translate all the knowledge we have into practical advice, which will encourage you to develop and maintain healthy habits, that will in turn optimise your age.  


We will be focusing on topics that interest us both, but we would love to know what interests you too!

Are you keen to find out how to adapt your exercise regime as you age? Or are you interested in new recipes and nutritional information to prolong your health? Or, are you really keen to find out whether the latest fitness gadgets are really worth investing in? Head over to my Instagram @sallygunnell where I will be asking you guys to tell us what interests you as you age.


We are so excited to be starting this new journey and can’t wait to take you guys along for the ride with us.


Sally & Jon x


PS. If you would prefer to email me 'what interests you' as you age, please drop me a line at sally@sallygunnell.com

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