Who we work with.

Supporting organisations across all industry sectors.

We are extremely proud to work with organisations from across many industry sectors ranging from SME’s to global multinationals. Our experience spans retail, construction, professional services, aviation, information, telecommunications, education, financial services and transport. 

When asked, there are 5 main areas that organisations commonly state they are struggling with:

• Our health & wellbeing programme hasn’t got off the ground.

• We can’t get people engaged.

• We haven’t got a wellbeing programme.

• We need to build on our existing wellbeing programme.

• We have a wellbeing programme that nobody knows about.

Organisations are under pressure from three sides to address the wellbeing agenda:

• From themselves as they increasingly face the costs and risks of long-term sickness and absence damaging their productivity, growth, retention, and brand
• Employees starting to demand that their employers help them achieve individual wellbeing
• The law and government policy driving employers to recognise their impact on employee health to help in their aims to get more of the working population back and active in the workplace

Inspire and equip

We inspire and equip our clients with ideas, evidence, and materials to help them develop and communicate a meaningful health and wellbeing programmes. Our programmes include our clients specific ideas, guidelines, and business objectives which improves their company culture.

Planning and execution

We help our clients identify objectives, success criteria, and measurement of results. We provide support with project communications and marketing, to secure buy-in and engagement, including project management to ensure the smooth planning and roll-out of our client’s bespoke programmes.

Our clients

Here are a handful of the organisations we have and are proud to work with:

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