Kamwell and Sally Gunnell OBE launch new global partnership and ENERGISE YOU programme to support employee wellbeing worldwide

The new partnership aims to address the ‘workplace wellbeing gap’, as less than half of companies globally and only 1 in 4 UK companies offer employee wellbeing programmes, despite evidence that shows FTSE 100 companies that prioritise employee engagement and wellbeing outperform those that don’t by 10 per cent 1


Kamwell and Sally Gunnell Corporate Wellbeing today announced a new partnership and programme to address the global ‘workplace wellbeing gap’, as less than half of companies globally and only 1 in 4 UK companies offer employee wellbeing programmes.

Evidence shows that FTSE 100 companies that prioritise employee engagement and well being out perform those that don’t by 10 per cent. The ENERGISE YOU programme -developed by the two organisations - will work with businesses and employees worldwide to create healthy human-centred organisations.

United in their vision and passion for creating healthier workplaces, Kamwell and Sally Gunnell Corporate Wellbeing will bring together their knowledge, experience, skills and resources to help organisations significantly advance their wellbeing agendas and put employee sat the heart of their business. 


ENERGISE YOU is designed to energise, inspire and inform both employees and organisations on how to take action on wellbeing. The programme:


  • focuses on five core areas of wellbeing: mental health, sleep, exercise, nutrition and purpose. 
  • is an ‘off the shelf’ programme designed to be easy to implement and can be run over any time period.
  • has a strong focus on data and ROI and key deliverables are supplemented with award-winning consultancy.
  • can be a first step on an organisation’s wellbeing journey or it can supplement existing initiatives. It can be rolled out company-wide or for a specific group or  demographic.
  • is suitable for multi-site and multi-geography organisations as core content is delivered virtually. 
  • Is available in three tiered packages to cater to varying requirements and budgets.


“For employees and employers to thrive in today’ working world – where a highly competitive and highly pressurised workforce exists – we need to prioritise the wellbeing of our people and recognise the benefits of creating a healthy culture where employees can bring their whole and best selves to work. I’m really excited to be working with Kamwell because there’s a fantastic synergy and energy between us. They really embody what wellbeing is about and we have a lot of fun working together” said Sally Gunnell OBE

“ENERGISEYOU will not only support employees with their health and wellbeing, but it will also deliver a real benefit to an organisation’s bottom line. Over the years we have seen first-hand the link between a healthy workforce and increased engagement, productivity, loyalty, commitment, innovation, talent acquisition, company culture and profitability” said CEO of Kamwell Limited Kirsten Samuel  

Kamwell combines its thought leadership and strategic corporate consulting and delivery experience with Gunnell’s elite professional sporting career. 


According to the latest available data, the annual cost of sickness absence to the UK economy is GBP 18 billion, with poor mental healththe biggest cause of sickness absence, accounting for the loss of more than 70million working days each year.


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