How to get the kids active this summer

As a mum, I always want what’s best for my kids and I try to be the best role model that I can be for them. I guess I’m lucky, my boys are all into their sport and pretty active, but they still love the PlayStation!

It’s hard when we are juggling parenthood and work. It can be all too easy to let the kids get on with what they want this summer, however, I find it important to incorporate a bit of structure into their days to keep them on track.

My best advice is to get the kids doing activities they already enjoy, and they may not even realise that they’re exercising! With my youngest Marley 14, he loves getting me on the trampoline or playing football with him! He puts me in goal as I usually toe punt the ball apparently!

There are so many fun activities you can do in the garden or local park with the kids to keep them active, such as playing Frisbee, an obstacle course, or a game of badminton. I have found as they have got older it’s defiantly much more competitive but just as much fun.

Bike rides are great together. We often cycle down to the village for a coffee/smoothie and cake if they have their way! We also go for runs together with the dogs, which has been great, as Luna likes swimming in any bit of water she can find.

I have found with 3 grown up boys all they do is eat and if I’m not careful it can easily be rubbish. I try and keep healthy snacks in the house – I make energy balls, healthy flapjack, and keep cut up fruit like apples and bananas on the side as the boys will walk past and snack on them. I have also found I need to give them substantial lunches. Pasta is a winner with tuna, basil, and tomatoes to keep them full until dinnertime.

What do you do with your kids over the summer to keep them active and healthy?

Sally x

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