How to get fitter whilst you work!

Trying to fit everything in can be hard enough at the best of times. Exercise is often something which falls down our list of priorities. This is even more so when you work in an office, where you spend the majority of time sitting down. It can be incredibly difficult to stay healthy and keep yourself feeling well.

So, I’ve put together a list of tips to help you stay active at work. They’re a great way to keep your body moving and you can even get your whole office involved.

1) Taking the stairs – it sounds like such a simple step, but where you can, always try and take the stairs. Whether this is taking the stairs instead of the lift when you arrive at work, from your car to your desk, or even going to the loo on another floor and taking the stairs.

2) Task-based exercises – make it fun, or set a challenge in your office that whenever someone has to print something, they have to do 10 lunges when they come to the printer to collect it. Or when they make a cup of tea, they have to do 10 squats, while they wait for the kettle to boil. If you get everyone involved, it will make it much more fun and far less easy to deviate!

3) Pedometer or fitness trackers – these are great ways to monitor your activity levels. You can even set reminders so that every so often it will give you a little buzz to remind you to get up from your desk. Whether this is a quick walk around the office or around the car park, every little helps.

4) Set up a lunchtime walking club – whether it’s just a couple of you, or the whole team, a quick walk at lunchtime, gets you out from behind your desk and out in the fresh air, giving you a much needed break and when done with colleagues and teammates, it’s a great way to build interpersonal relationships.

5) Desk exercises – and for the days you really can’t get away (we’ve all been there!) try some simple stretches and exercises that you can do right from your desk.
a) Rolling your ankles both clockwise and anticlockwise, as this is great for increasing your circulation.
b) Side stretch – put your arms up above your head, clasp your hands together and lean to your left side and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat on your right side.
c) Hamstring stretch – push your chair away from your desk, put your heel up on your desk with your foot flexed and lean forward.
d) Shoulder stretch – Sit tall in your chair and place your right hand behind your back (between your shoulder blades) with your palm facing away from you. Reach your left hand toward the ceiling and bend it down behind your back and try and touch your right hand. You will eventually be able to grasp your hands together, which makes the stretch even more effective.

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