How Sally Gunnell Health & Wellbeing (SGHW) can help new and experienced wellbeing managers

Fact: Organisations that appoint a designated person to manage wellbeing will thrive and gain a significant competitive advantage.

For larger organisations this maybe a full time internal role – dedicated specifically to employee health and wellbeing or in smaller organisations it may form part of a role, or be outsourced to a team of experts.

Whatever your role looks like, know that SGHW can help you and your organisation make the most of this resource.

We know that to run a good health and wellbeing programme the leader needs to:

motivate  – every single employee to take action and engage them with a compelling mission and vision

have assertiveness  – to drive outcomes and the ability to overcome adversity and resistance

create – a culture of clear accountability

build  – relationships that create trust, open dialogue, and full transparency

make decisions  – that are based on productivity, not politics

raise employee engagement levels – consistently across every business unit

With the diverse range of experience within our team, gained when working across a wide array of organisations, we can help you develop a programme that delivers a bespoke – goal orientated health and wellbeing plan with significant results, to both the employer and the employee.

As Aristotle advised, persuasive communication is achieved by combining Logos (logic), Pathos (emotion) and Ethos (reputation)

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