“Fantastic response” to Sally’s Healthy Living campaign with the Daily Telegraph

A major new healthy living campaign is engaging thousands of Daily Telegraph readers all over the country.

The campaign, designed to bring the benefits of a healthy workforce to a company’s bottom line, has attracted unprecedented levels of interest. “We’ve known for some time that businesses are looking at how they can help their employees enjoy better health,” says Sally, “but we’ve been amazed by the response to this campaign.”

The uncertain economic outlook is forcing companies to look carefully at all aspects of their operations. More and more companies are exploring innovative ways of reducing costs. One of these is to invest in their people. “Despite first appearances, investing in an employee well-being programme is an exciting way of reaping some longer term benefits,” says Sally. “And it’s not just about reducing absence through sickness, which is a massive cost for the economy as a whole. It’s also about helping people to get more out of their day, too. Healthier people are less stressed and they tend to be more productive as well as happier. In other words, this is a win for the people as well as for the business.”

But the Telegraph campaign is not just inspiring senior business people to look at a corporate well-being programme. “My office has been inundated with feedback from individuals who are keen to kick start a healthier lifestyle. There’s massive demand out there; people really want help to be healthier and I’m delighted, because this is how we’ll reverse the worrying trends with regard to weight gain, diabetes and heart disease.”

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