Being kind to yourself

Hi everyone,

I hope you’ve all been keeping fit and healthy 💪 and doing as well as you can during these strange times. These last few months have been giving me a lot to think about. If you’ve been following my blog or keeping up with my social media channels, you’ll already know that I’ve been focusing on positivity and what you can do to stay motivated.

I have also written a lot about what you can do to improve your overall wellbeing. A lot of my webinars have also been around kindness, and that’s something I’ve really been thinking about. It can be so easy to forget about kindness when things are difficult, but we should all still do our best to keep it in mind. It can have such an uplifting effect, not just on your own mood, but everyone else’s too.

When I talk about kindness, I don’t just mean doing things like holding doors open for people or waving to people in cars when they let you through (though I encourage both of those things! 😊). Think about it as two separate ideas – being kind to yourself and being kind to others. In this blog post, I’m going to focus on what I mean by being kind to yourself.

I know it can be hard to control your inner voice when negative thoughts come in, but if you keep trying, you can teach yourself to kinder to yourself. Try and focus on the positives! Aim to approach things in a better way and force yourself to think better. Don’t put yourself down! When you have a negative thought about yourself, try to ignore it or think around it. One way you could try is to write that bad thought down on a piece of paper and throw it away.

Being kind to yourself can have such an amazing impact on your body and the mind and what you can achieve as an individual. When I’ve been thinking of being kinder to myself and training my mind to deal with negative thoughts, I’ve always tried to take the time to schedule it into my day. Find some time to do something positive and relaxing that keeps you motivated. Whether that’s taking a break in the day or something you do when you wake up, it can be a huge motivator.

I also recommend starting small! If you try and start with a bigger commitment, it can quickly get overwhelming and can lower your mood. One thing I like to do is to start my day by getting up in the morning and spending five minutes on my own. I usually like to relax with a nice hot honey and lemon. It’s so calming, and it really gets me motivated for the day ahead.

Exercise is also a fantastic way of being kind to yourself. It’s great for your mind and your body and releases endorphins which can help reduce stress and boost your mood. You don’t have to try and fit a run into five minutes (Though I do love a quick sprint! 🏃). There are plenty of things you can do! Why not try a quick yoga session?

Find something that you enjoy, and don’t forget to be kind and stay positive!

Sally x

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