A Spring in Sally’s Step

Now the mornings are brighter and the evenings are lighter, naturally, we are drawn to the outdoors. As soon as the sunshine makes an appearance, stepping outside and filling our lungs with the fresh Spring air feels like a better start to the day.

Yet, even with the weather being more pleasant, sometimes, we need an extra boost to keep motivated. I find changing the scenery and having a mixture of exercise helps fuel my mind and body. I switch it up from walks, cycling, to running. It doesn’t have to be a solid one-hour gym session twice per week, why not take your work-out to the outdoors? Head to the beach or to your local country park, plug in and play your favourite playlist or podcast. Alternatively, leave earphones at home and just watch and listen to what is going on around you, live in the moment. It all depends on your personal preference and situation, but I encourage you to try something new!

Remember, you don’t have to do it alone, invite a friend to join you. Exercise is great for socialising and being accompanied can keep it fun, the mission of sticking with a healthy regime is to keep it enjoyable and achievable. Involve anyone you wish, encourage your children to put their PS4 remote down and head out for a family dog walk. I love it, especially beach walks. I consider it a valuable time with my children, they naturally start chatting about what’s going on in their world and it’s a chance for them to offload and open up.  

A challenge I have set for myself this summer is a charity event, I will be participating in Davina’s Big Sussex Bike Ride. I will be cycling a circular route around the Sussex countryside for 68 miles. The event is designed and run by Action Medical Research to help raise money to fund the next medical breakthrough that will save and change little lives. To help prepare for my bike hike, I started training in March and gently introduced more days of active exercise so that my mind is also ready to tackle my challenge in June. Looking after your mental health is equally as vital as looking after your physical health.

I believe it is important to set realistic goals to keep up the momentum of your health and wellbeing journey. Have you set yourself a challenge for this year? Let me know!

Sally x

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