Week 6

The final push

The final week! How quick has that gone! You have all done so well for sticking with it. Even if you feel you need to repeat a week, or have days where you don’t want to go, we’ve all been there! You have done so well to get to this point and I have loved being there to help you along the way.

We are pushing to four runs this week! So let’s get back out there!


  • 5 minutes jog warm up
  • 3 x 3 minute harder running with 90 second recovery in-between

Day 1

Recovery Run

  • 5 minutes jogging warm up
  • 20 minutes running at easy pace

Day 2

Speed Intervals

  • 5 minute jog warm up
  • 6-8 x 1 minute fast running, 1 minute walking / jogging
  • 5 minute jog to warm down

Day 3

Recovery Run

  • 5 minutes jogging warm up
  • 25 minutes running pace

Day 4

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