Week 4

Go longer

Going farther is not just about building physical endurance but building mental stamina as well. Now is not the time to panic.

As a general bit of advice; please do not push yourself too hard! It is important to be intuitive when starting a new programme. Running is designed to get your heart rate up and make you feel a little out of breath, but it should not hurt, and it should not feel like you are pushing yourself to the limit.

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Hill Run

  • 10 minutes: Jogging warm-up
  • Three times 30 seconds (short hill), 3 x 45 seconds(medium hill), 3 x 60 seconds (long hill) walk/jog back downhill walk back down between sets
  • 5 minutes: Jogging cool-down

Sally says

"Hills are speed work in disguise. You should run the hills with the same intense effort as last week, using an easy jog or walk down hill to recover."

Day 1

Recovery Run

  • 5 minutes: Walking/jog warm-up
  • 2 x 10 minutes: Easy pace run (2-minute walk/jog recovery in between)
  • 5 minutes: Jogging cool-down

Day 2

Long Run

  • 5 minutes: Jogging warm-up
  • 20 to 30 minutes: Continuous running
  • 5 minutes: Jogging cool down

Day 3

Recovery Run

  • 5 minutes: Jogging warm-up
  • 15 minutes: Running at an easy pace

Day 4

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