"Sally was brilliant from start to finish and the perfect conclusion to what had been an informative day for our delegates. Her account of the leadup to her 1992 gold medal triumph, gave us something to think about, with clear takeaways that we can all implement in order to achieve our goals. Be that, setting a clear meaning and purpose for each day, recognising the importance of marginal gains or getting out of your comfort zone in order to succeed, there was something that resonated with everyone. Sally even took time after her speaking slot to take photos with delegates and had even brought along her winning medal too. I would highly recommend Sally to inspire, engage and motivate any audience and hope to see her at another event soon."

British Parking Association

Membership Engagement Manager
Sally is an incredible individual a world-beater. Sally has achieved so much in her career and private life and is a great role model. When Sally presents to any audience, young or old, she captivates them and takes them on her incredible journey. I can highly recommend Sally.

Big Change

Martin Port
Founder & CEO
What an inspiration Sally Gunnell is. Hearing her talk about the life-changing journey she undertook, as she evolved from a 15-year-old runner dreaming of greatness into an Olympic gold medal-winning champion, was both empowering and moving. Here at BT, we are on a transformational journey of our own and it was a thrill for over 1,000 of us to hear Sally relate her experiences of overcoming setbacks and embracing change to the pioneering work we are doing as a technology company. “Run your own race” was Sally’s parting message: wise words from a fantastic role model, who also took the time to speak personally with as many of us as possible, helping to turn our day into a memorable occasion that will stay with us all for a very long time.


Rachel Higham
MD IT and BT Technology Volunteering Lead
"I thought I’d give you a flavour of the feedback we’ve been getting from her stint for Gateway. It’d be great if you could pass this on. Sally’s a brilliant speaker but even so I guess it’s nice to reflect on just how good sometimes!! Two days later and staff are still coming to see me to tell me how brilliant they thought Sally’s session was. I’ve just been to make a cup of tea and someone has told me the talk, ‘woke her up – at work and outside’. I’ve had some shy repairs guys come in to tell me the session was ‘the best ever’. And the amount of people who’ve been showing off their photos to family and friends is awesome. Overall, for a small organisation which is on a journey to greatness, people felt really special to be in the company of such a sporting hero. There’s a real energy about the place and it was exactly what I wanted. Sally is so great with the staff and is utterly professional with the brief whilst being really down to earth and accessible. Believe me, I’ve seen some conference speakers in my thirty years in housing and Sally just nails it every time. I’ve also been contacted by a few other housing CEOs and this from one of our sector senior recruitment partners, ‘My colleague has just seen that you have Sally Gunnell at your conference! I just wanted to say – wow! She was my absolute hero when I was little'."

Kate Dodsworth
Chief Executive
"I was thrilled when Sally was able to join us for our Prize Day. She was delightful, inspirational, down-to-earth and natural. A fine example to our students."

Caterham School

Julian Thomas
"Sally’s speech was highly inspirational and motivational. Her story, while unrelated to our profession, was easily translatable to our line of work. She went down a storm with our delegates and would be an ideal speaker for virtually any audience."


Matthew Stephenson
"Sally Gunnell is a big name, who has achieved so much by working hard. Sharing her personal experiences with us was priceless. I was very impressed when she spoke about mindset; how we can achieve anything if we are mentally strong and put all of our hard work in the right direction. I felt like I could relate to her and her sporting experiences; she spoke my language. I found her inspirational and awesome!"

Armadillo Self Storage Conference

"Sally is such an inspiration. She is down to earth and a brilliant motivational speaker. At the Women in Construction Awards 2012 she had everyone on the edge of their seats, you could even hear a pin drop. All of our guests loved her. I would definitely recommend her as a speaker."

Excel Publishing

Amber Engle
Events Manager
"Given the subject matter, it would have been easy for Sally to sound full of herself, so the humorous and self-deprecating way she shared her fears and internal thoughts as the race approached was both surprising and extremely easy to relate to."

The John Knowles Company Ltd

David McGuire
"We were thrilled that Sally was able to come and open our new gym at Bury St Edmunds Leisure Centre. She spoke to customers and staff for hours, posed happily for photos and gave countless interviews to the local media. Sally is a fantastic ambassador for sport and fitness. She talked passionately about her sport and the importance of keeping active. Sally’s presence at our event certainly helped raise our profile and the profile of fitness locally and nationally. She was a pleasure to work with."

Abbeycroft Leisure

Warren Smyth