Sally Gunnell was truly fabulous. Her unexpected arrival, for the delegates, at today’s Leadership Conference was amazing. The WOW factor was palatable and the ‘I am so in awe’ of you’ evident.
Thank you so much for allowing JLR to make full use of the connections you’ve built through PINS. She was amazing.

John Lewis

Sally was “guest Olympian” at our event to launch a new development programme for high potential managers and captivated the audience with an inspirational and motivational presentation. We were also struck by how friendly, approachable and humble Sally was as she chatted with guests afterwards.

Mike Edwards
Learning Consultant, Wholesale & International Banking Lloyds TSB Bank Plc

We wanted Sally’s talk to be motivational and it certainly was! Guests spoke afterwards about the hairs of the back of their neck standing on end, when she showed winning the gold at Barcelona. The event was a huge success and Sally was pivotal in that success

Melanie Norris
Director of Communities - Gravesham Borough Council

Sally was an ideal choice to open our new state of the art physiotherapy gym. During our exclusive opening event she was professional, engaging and really down to earth which made everyone feel comfortable. We cater for people with sports related injuries and Sally gave an inspirational speech; in which she highlighted well from her own experiences about the necessity for a gym that provides physiotherapy services such as ours. We were overwhelmed by her willingness to chat to everyone and took an active interest in the service The Horder Centre can now provide.

Luke Garner
Marketing co-ordinator at the Horder Centre

Could you please just pass on my thanks to Sally for her presentation last Thursday. It was absolutely superb, the pitch and content were ideal and it made a perfect, and highly motivational, end to our ASPIRE programme!!

Head of Training and Development, PHS

When we were planning our 2012 AGM at Staffgroup, we wanted a speaker who would match our company characteristics of drive, motivation and success – Sally was the perfect choice.  The retelling of her journey towards gold in Barcelona was not only captivating, but told with enthusiasm, humour and anecdotes that can be applied day-to-day in our own business.  Furthermore in the Q&A, Sally’s willingness to engage with honest (and funny!) answers will be remembered for a long time at Staffgroup. Thank you!

Mark Znowski
Director, Staffgroup

I just wanted to say how good it was to meet Sally on Wednesday at the Virgin Media conference. I have had so many people come up and say what an inspirational talk she gave and how much each person took away from it. I’ve also had at least a dozen people say they nearly burst into tears when they played the Olympic video! You can add another 211 happy customers to your total.

Graeme Oxby
Executive Director Mobile and Home Phones, Virgin Media

We were thrilled that Sally was able to come and open our new gym at Bury St Edmunds Leisure Centre. She spoke to customers and staff for hours, posed happily for photos and gave countless interviews to the local media. Sally is a fantastic ambassador for sport and fitness. She talked passionately about her sport and the importance of keeping active. Sally’s presence at our event certainly helped raise our profile and the profile of fitness locally and nationally. She was a pleasure to work with.

Warren Smyth
CEO, Abbeycroft Leisure

Given the subject matter, it would have been easy for Sally to sound full of herself, so the humorous and self-deprecating way she shared her fears and internal thoughts as the race approached was both surprising and extremely easy to relate to.

David McGuire
The John Knowles Company Ltd

Sally is such an inspiration. She is down to earth and a brilliant motivational speaker. At the Women in Construction Awards 2012 she had everyone on the edge of their seats, you could even hear a pin drop. All of our guests loved her. I would definitely recommend her as a speaker.

Amber Engle
Events Manager, Excel Publishing