Our Healthy Living Programmes are making the difference in companies with national and global brands.  The flexible, modular nature of Healthy Living allows our Team experts to design and build a solution that works for your business and your people.

Here are just a couple case studies from our portfolio…

Merck Serono

THE BRIEF: This global drugs company wanted to do more to encourage health and well being among its workforce. Their leadership team was committed to developing a programme that could bring real change to their people’s lives.

WHAT WE DID: We worked with them to develop “2012 Challenge”. This programme has given employees the chance to take part in a healthy activity, learn a new skill, get time off to do so and even get help with some of the costs. Sally has been engaging with the UK workforce and encouraging them to get involved through personal appearances and blogs.

RESULTS: Merck Serono’s Healthy Living Room initiative is up and running. Employees have taken part in a number of corporate and community challenges including; fun runs, cycle rides and family fun days.

John Lewis Partnership

THE BRIEF: This successful UK retail partnership wanted to encourage as many partners (all staff own a share of the company) as possible to get more active. They wanted to add structure and direction to their programme, Partners in Sport.

WHAT WE DID: Since the programme launch in the Summer of 2011, we have delivered a number of staff awaydays with Sally as the special guest. Sally has participated in several John Lewis events, including a cycle ride around the Isle of WIght. Her staff training programmes have brought clarity and structure to many partners’ activities. She provides regular guidance to the workforce, particularly around preparation for forthcoming challenges.

RESULTS: Partners in Sport has moved on to a whole new level. Partner participation in the scheme is growing strongly.